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USCG Community Project

USCG Project: Savannah and surrounding communities are working very hard to help Savannah/Chatham be awarded the designation of a USCG Community by the Commandant ofthe USCG and the Congressional Committee Our Savannah Navy League is the major player and organizer of this award along with Hunter Hall of Buddy Carter’s office. (the USCG cannot initiate it – it has to be local people)

It’s all about what OTHER businesses, Mayors, CouncilMembers, Organizations, Schools, Municipalities, Rotary Clubs, Police Departments, Restaurants, etc., do to honor our five USCG Units and their families in this surrounding area.They all need to write a letter to the Commandant and send to Pat Yovich for safe keeping, who is putting together the final binder witha DVD of photos, etc. of these organizations. The major points theyare looking for:

• What was done for the USCG?

• How long they have been doing it?

• Did they include families and how, etc.?

Help is needed in putting these letters, photo’s together. All members are invited to share their thoughts and special moments o fwhat they did for the USCG over the past 15-20 years.

And if you know of any businesses or neighbors that have recognized any of our USCG crews with a dinner, a ceremony, aspecial “Thank You” . . . those will all be a welcome addition to our packet.

It will be a WIN-WIN for all!

For all questions and/or comments, please contact Pat Yovich by e mail  She is working very closely with the USCG Foundation as well as CDR. Branch at the Air Station. His personal goal while he is here in Savannah, is to have our wonderful City of Savannah and Town of  Tybee and surrounding areas be named a USCG Community.There are only 20 Cities in the United States that have that designation since the program was started in 1998.