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Welcome to a new year of serving and supporting the world's best - our United States Navy, Coast Guard 

Marines and their very important Family Support Groups and our Youth organizations. 

Savannah Navy League is recognized at the national level as an "Outstanding" Navy League Council.

And this is because of the superior, patriotic people who are members of the Savannah Council

and who are dedicated to supporting the Sea Services. 


Pat has provided enthusiastic and innovative leadership for the past 2 1/2 years, achieving a high

level of national recognition for the Savannah Council's good

Navy Leaguers Pat Yovich and Mick McCay travelled to Marinette, Wisconsin this last weekend to witness the launch of our newest adopted surface ship, USS Sioux City (LCS 11). Pat and Mick were invited to participate in all the ceremonies and customs of a U.S. Navy ship launch, including placing Savannah Navy League challenge coins in the mast step.  Here is a short video of the actual ship launch (the white "stuff" visible in the river is 6" - 8" of ice - it was COLD!)

Click here to see video

The officers for 20

16 and  directors were sworn- in during our regular dinner meeting January 19th..

We thank them their dedication and willingness to serve our Savannah Navy League Council. We also thank the retiring officers for their service in our mission to support the Sea services.


The newly elected Council Officers and Board of Directors were sworn in at the meeting. (L-R) Back Row - Alan Yovich,Cliff Angers,Gary Johnson, Ed Lavish, Mick McCay,Joe Tillman, Jeff Zureick, Craig Maggioni, Michael Hall. Seated Ed Robb, Pat Yovich, Tom Latham, O.C. Fowler, Shirley McCarthy

President Pat Yovich speaks at the Adoption Ceremony at Naval Station Maypor on November 6th. A delegation from the Savannah Navy League attended the opening of the LCS Support Facility for LCS Squardon Two new headquarters official dedication. Read more news below from article by Mary Carr Mayle, Savannah Morning News: 

The Savannah Council has continued to expand the number and scope of its activities in support of active U.S.sea service members and their families. In an effort to build community awareness of the Council's activities and to grow local membership as well as individual and corporate contributions we are launching our first ever advertising campaign.  Beginning November 12, and continuing through December 5, eight different and distinctive ads will run in the Savannah Morning News DO section and in the sports pages.